Shhh, this is my hidey hole. My name is Elena, I'm incredibly goofy. I cosplay a lot and draw!

DA: Meketaten

Here's my art tumblr!

I do a lot of screaming with these two: Schmallison & Schmessica

Cosplay photos by Mashed Photatoes




I actually cried when I first saw this picture because oh my god seriously Hugo jesus christ

he never got over his role in Priscilla: Queen of the Desert


(Source: thranduilsotherhalf)

i think i’m gonna start collecting images of off-model tomoyo

i feel like i’m the only person that likes her and i only like her because she’s a huge creeper… look at that camera… everywhere she goes… maybe imma cosplay her one day so i can get away with that kind of creepin :I